The Young Ummah is a team consisting of young Muslim Americans who are passionate about creating a new dialogue and platform for Muslim’s voices. Currently our team consists of an executive board and a team of dedicated writers, bloggers, and creators, who contribute their work to our website on a frequent basis.


The mission of The Young Ummah is to create a space, an online hub of sorts, where Muslims from all across the globe can share their thoughts and experiences on anything and everything. We are not trying to make any Islamic judgements or teach Islam through our platform, but rather create a place for Muslims to share their experiences. We welcome the artist, the writer, the blogger, any type of creator to our site as long as their work does not disrespect any moral and/or ethical guidelines. Our website  caters to both the individual who enjoys writing and creating but does not want to have their own individual platform, as well as the individual who has their own blog/platform and wants to raise awareness for their work on multiple platforms. Our main goal is to showcase the work of our ummah, which includes writing, poetry, artwork, anything that can be created that an individual would like to share.